Our company was founded on May 1, 2011 in order to produce products for advertising using wide format Mimaki printers. This brand is based in Japan and is one of the leaders in its class. Every start of a new business is difficult, so was ours, but by producing high quality products and by a great services to our customers we were moving forward. At the end of 2011 we have extended our machines by buying a new cutting machine Mimaki. As we were trying to get closer to our customers, in 2012, we extended our portfolio by promotional items. In late 2013 we have launched our e-shop, where customers have the opportunity to choose from thousands of different items. In the summer of 2014 we opened our first store focused on office supplies, copy/photo service and low-cost printing. We continue to expand our portfolio and improving the quality of our services.

Nowadays, we have made many international orders. Our customers mainly appreciate the fullservice we are giving them.More and more customers valued our ability to supply their companies with consumables and office supplies. During a short time we have processed hundreds of orders, which ensures quality and reliability. Customer satisfaction is our primary task.

The most valuable commodity in this days is time. Even if you print by your own, you can´t make competetive prices due to high time of producing some products. Good example is PVC banner, where you have to print, weld the edges and mount eyelets. Therefore, it is often better to choose a form of B2B and let the product to be made by supplier.

We would like to offer you a co-operation in production of printables, promotional items and wide-format printing. We print on all standard materials such as PVC banner, canvas, mesh, PVC films, paper, rollup, etc. All our prices are adjusted to every specific customer.


Personal approach and care to every customer, to every order